Hailing from the hills of Southern Indiana, Drew Turnbull is a Hoosier through and through. A child of the 90’s, he was born in Bloomington; home to IU, Breaking Away, and John Mellencamp. But because his father was from Michigan and his family originally from Canada, his childhood was more of a Canadian upbringing. Basically, hockey was a huge part of his life. Not only did he skate on the travel hockey team growing up, but his dad was coaching that team, which meant lots of time on the road living on fast food and midwestern views out the window. During that time, they played a lot of paintball too.


But what Drew really wanted to do was be a garbageman, because it looked like so much fun hanging on the back of the truck. Sadly, he was too young, so he satisfied his sense of adventure on family vacations instead, which they took whenever they could, as he’d always been taught to value experiences over possessions. One of his most memorable trips was a visit to Spain and the REAL Madrid game that went with it. When the away team won in extra time, Drew found his adventure in the chaos of flying bottles and other unlikely projectiles, a scene he would never forget. The shops full of dry-cured pig hind legs (jamon) hanging in the windows would stick with him too!

Although his love of hockey and hanging off garbage trucks was profound, as the years passed, his ambitions changed. After dabbling in football and soccer, when he moved on to Bloomington High School South, he finally found his true love in golf, which he plays to this day. After Highschool, he attended Indiana University and graduated with a BA in psychology while working the entire time as a grill cook at Longhorn Steakhouse. As a matter of fact, he spent so many hours over the grill fire that when it came time for the famous SteakMaster Competition, not only did he win the local and divisional events, but he placed at the regional competition in Cleveland. After that, they promoted him to Kitchen Manager.

But his time in restaurant management proved fleeting. Not long after graduation from college, his Aunt Wendy (Runyon Ricker) found out that he was open to a career change and scooped him right up. That was nearly two years ago. Today, Drew is RSP’s General Manager, supervising daily operations at our Carmel, Indiana location. As his favorite part of the job is working with people and helping customers, we are all so thrilled to have him here in that capacity. And we may actually have him for quite some time, for a fun fact about those Turnbulls with Canadian genes is that his Great-grandmother lived to be 106. So, stop by for a visit over the next 80 years and Drew’s smiling face may be there to greet you!

And speaking of smiling faces, shortly after graduating from IU, Drew married his wife Skylar, a private nurse in home healthcare and a Bloomington native who he’d known since childhood. They now live in Lawrence and have two boys, Sutton and Asher, and a little girl on the way. Although the fish tank at home is teeming with a Beta and three Tetras, they are looking to get a dog someday. Drew loves spending time with his family, but when he is not playing with the kids, coaching their baseball team, or watching sports (IU!), he also likes riding his Ninja Sport Bike and playing sniper with his hi-tech slingshot, launching compact mudballs into evil spinning targets.

Drew is a special person and fundamental part of the RSP family in more ways than one. Thank you Drew, for all that you do! We’re so fortunate to have a leader of your caliber to help RSP toward a bright and dynamic future.