ameripolish flooring products

Here at Runyon Surface Prep, we’re pretty proud of our 10-year partnership with Ameripolish. The company is known as a true rebel in the industry, developing new and exciting technology to prep, strengthen, color, protect and maintain polished concrete floors for almost 15 years.

Our customers benefit not only from the support they get from the experts at Runyon, but from the entire team at Ameripolish, always ready to lend a helpful hand when it comes to trainings and product education.

“We at Ameripolish take pride in our long-lasting business relationships,” says Digital Marketing Manager Greg Cabot, “and hope to continue working with Runyon for 10 more years and beyond.”

Greg tells us more about why Runyon and Ameripolish are a perfect match.

What does Ameripolish stand for as a company?

Ameripolish stands for the highest quality products in the polished concrete industry. We strive to bring new, innovative products to market that are the highest performing and most cost-effective products in their niche.

How does Runyon Surface Prep help in making your partnership a success?

Runyon has been involved in helping distribute Ameripolish products since 2009 and has always maintained good communication with us. This helps us successfully meet their needs, as well as their customers’ needs as they become apparent in the field. 

What should customers expect from Ameripolish products? 

They should expect the best of the best. We stand behind our products with a technical support team that’s willing to help you problem solve and troubleshoot any issue you may have. Runyon stands behind our products, too, because they know they work. They’re exactly what they would be using if they were contractors.

Runyon Surface Prep Rental & Supply is a full-service sales and rental facility uniquely dedicated to the concrete polishing industry. Our uniqueness comes from providing our customers with a diverse equipment, product and supply portfolio. We offer training and support, such as technique workshops on prep, polishing or removal, and maintain a well-stocked inventory of consumables ready for your projects at a moment’s notice. Rather than perform contract work, we consult on job sites when necessary. With the backing of our vendors, Runyon Surface Prep offers support at any level, to assist in helping you get things done. We can deliver or ship wherever you need, or you can pick up from our facility.