Runyon Surface Prep’s Rocky Diamond Impregnated Pads (DIPs) come in a variety of grits for all of your high speed burnishing needs.
RSP Rocky Diamond Impregnated Pads - Bringing Out the ShineRSP’s Rocky Diamond Impregnated Pads (DIPs) are made of natural hogs-hair coated with diamond abrasive and are available in 400/800/1500/3000/6000 grit. Rocky DIPs are a versatile tool that can be used as the last step in an initial polish installation, for periodic maintenance & light rejuvenation / restoration and in densify and burnish specifications.
Final Touch for Install
High Speed Burnishing with a high grit DIP (3,000 grit+), is often used as the final step in the polishing process, after the stain protection product has been applied. Not only can this provide an aesthetic “pop” in terms of gloss and clarity, but some stain protectors require this process in order to reach the required temperature in order to fully cure.
Maintenance and Light Restoration Applications
High grit (3,000+) Rocky DIPs can be run periodically under a high speed burnisher to remediate areas where traffic has degraded the refinement level of a floor; re-refining the surface and thus restoring the aesthetic values. If the refinement level of the floor has degraded too far, it is possible to effect improvement by starting with a lower grit pad and working toward the higher grits in successive steps.
Densify and Burnish
In some instances, a floor owner may not want to incur the cost of a true full polishing system, but does want the benefits of a reactive densifier and some improvement in light reflectivity. In these circumstances, high speed burnishing with the Rocky DIPs, after the densifier has been applied according to manufacturer’s instructions, can bring out the maximum shine potential for the floor.
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