As a follow-up to the first removal blog post, there are actually several other methods for surface preparation and concrete residue removal besides grinding, shot blasting, shaving or buffing with a swing machine. Albeit using chemicals, scarifying and scabbling are less common types of removal, they can be just as effective. However, remember to consider the following factors:

  1. Condition of the floor
  2. Type of surface residue
  3. Concrete profile
  4. Square footage of the job
  5. Desired finished floor
  6. Budget

1. Applying Chemicals (Prosoco Cleaner Degreaser, Wax & Cure, Cure & Seal and Oil & Grease Stain Remover)

  • Prepare the floor for hardening, densifying and decorative applications
  • Poultice cleaners pull contaminants out of the substrate
  • Remove high-solid cure and seals, laitance, grease, grime and oil
  • Prevent old coatings from blocking treatment penetration

2. Scarifying

  • Known as planer, milling machine, rotary cutter or surface prep machine
  • Leaves a clean, textured and roughened finish
  • Can groove to create nonslip surfaces and to allow drainage
  • For aggressive surface planing, removes 1/8″ per pass and up to 1/2″
  • Variety of styles and cutter assemblies which clean, grind and mill
  • Removes seamless, roll-on and spray coatings, grouts, paints, self-leveling epoxies and laitance
  • Ideal for pedestrian, car or soft wheel traffic i.e. lab, sports or healthcare facilities, garages, showrooms and amusement parks

3. Scabbling

  • Uses compressed air to hammer piston-mounted bits into the concrete surface
  • Roughens more than grinding or scarifying
  • Leaves a rough, textured finish for new concrete or epoxy mortar overlays, and can also break up tile
  • For aggressive removal of concrete at 1/4″ per pass, up to 1″
  • Ideal for line removal, roll-on coatings, self-leveling epoxies, laitance, spalling and trowel-on epoxy screeds
  • Preferable in heavy industrial traffic areas i.e. forklift, pallet truck, hard wheel, automobile or airplane traffic
  • Common facility types include warehouses, food processing plants, convention centers, factories, farms, etc.

If you have questions about removal or other surface prep-related issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website or by calling 800.892.8376. Or read this other removal post for additional methods.