Zec 7″ 12 Grit Litex Concrete Grinding Disc For Angle Grinder


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For the most user friendly grinding disc, Zec 7″ 12 Grit Litex Concrete Grinding Disc For Angle Grinder! It will fit onto most angle grinder and does not require a backing pad

The Litex attaches directly to the hand of the grinding machine. In comparison to depressed center wheels or resin fiber discs the Litex is lighter, cuts faster, and grinds faster while leaving an even surface.

The Litex disc cuts faster than any conventional grinding disc, meaning less time and labor to complete the grinding task. The Litex disc design minimizes the material load being ground on the disc. In turn, the Litex disc will continue to grind when conventional discs will fail due to loading.

It is designed to include holes in the disc allowing it cool down by increasing air flow and grinding material ejection. This helps to maintain a Cooling work and disc surface which maximizes the life of the disc.

With multiple layers of grain, a spiral disc surface, and air cooling holes, the Litex disc design has a longer lifespan. It potentiallly could last up to 7-10 times longer than conventional aluminum oxide resin fiber discs.

Due to its hard plastic back, not requiring a backup pad, is one of the most inexpensive discs on the market.

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