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The IVC-45L is a HEPA dust collector, which features a two-stage filtering system including a cyclone separator and a HEPA H13 filter, with an efficiency >99.99%, securing a high standard of quality and safety. It complies with OSHA regulations for concrete dust handling, with its unique “reverse-air” jet-pulse filter cleaning system, IVC-45L cleans the filter in an easy and effective way and achieves high production capacity. The lift-able design for the two dust bins makes it easy for work and transport. The integrated control panel highlights the working parameters, including a new potentiometer to adjust the CFM during operation. IVC-45L provides a 50 Amp electric outlet to a grinder for convenience. 

  • Motor: 5.5Kw / 7.5Hp
  • Power: 3 phase 
  • FLA: 11 amp
  • Weight: 494
  • CFM: 353
  • Hose: 3″ 
  • 49″ X 28″ X 64″

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Weight 494 lbs