Unit also comes with a 12″ and 24″ tool holder!

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The Workhorse 1000 is an extremely versatile floor tile scraper. Able to remove the worst of today’s glued down floors including commercial carpet, wood, ceramic, gummy adhesives, VCT, solid vinyl, radial rubber tile, sheet rubber, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, roofing material and much more. Designed and built to stay on the floor and under the material being removed even if the wheels of the machine ride over a wooden 2×4.

It is small enough to fit through a standard doorway and short enough to fit into a small elevator as its overall length is 49inch. The net weight of the Workhorse 1000 floor scraper is only 1,100lbs (with all the weights removed). Light enough to not overload most small elevators. Unlike the competition this floor scraper has a large 8inch diameter front caster wheel and 5inch ground clearance to manoeuvring over rough areas.

To comply with the stringent EPA regulations, the Workhorse 1000 has a propane certified engine which is air cooled, with forward speeds near 6mph, this machine can move quickly across a large jobsite.

The Workhorse 1000 comes equipped with either a single blade holder tube or three blade holder tubes. A 24″ blade holder (sold seporately) allows the operator to scape to the wall. This system is very convenient and much more productive than going back and forth to entirely remove the flooring product.

As an optional extra, our machines can be fitted with additional suitcase style weights to increase the down pressure at the blade for those super tough removal jobs. The maximum weight of the floor scraper loaded with these optional weights is 2,800lbs. Generally, the standard weight of 2,240lbs is usually sufficient for most floor scraping jobs. Typically, the removal of ceramic tile is the most demanding covering to remove. Therefore, we recommend the added weight in order to keep the ceramic removal tool sliding on the concrete underneath the ceramic tile.


  • Rotating blade holder maintains better floor contact
  • Blade holder rotates 180° to eliminate the need to sharpen blade
  • 24 HP Honda engine with catalytic exhaust converter
  • 30 inches wide, 49 inches long, and 1000 lbs. (weights & blade holder removed)
  • Will travel through standard doorways and fit in small elevators
  • Propane fuel tanks use standard gas grill tank for easy refills
  • Comes with 720 lbs. of removable weights
  • 480 lbs. of additional weights can be added for those tough projects
  • Non-marking traction tires

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Weight 2800 lbs

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