Ermator W2000/2 Slurry Vacuum with Pre-Separator


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The Ermator W2000/2 is ideal for coring, saw cutting, and grinding. A slurry vacuum that extracts the slurry and filters the liquid into usable cleaner water. Then with its high pressure oil cooled pump, you can either re-use the water by pumping back to your tool, or to a containment tank to dispose of later.

Additional information

Weight 143.3 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 23 × 40 in



Spec Sheets


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Pre-separator with metal screen filter
  • 70 gallon per minute discharge
  • Closed circuit usage with continuous liquid flow
  • Float for auto shut-off to protect motor
  • Automatic water level control and drainage
  • Optional woven bag for fine filtration
  • Complete with all hoses and wand


  • Motor Effect: 1×1300 W
  • Weight: 143.3 lbs
  • Suction Capacity: 160 m3/h
  • Pump: 650 W
  • Pump Capacity: 68.68 gal/min
  • Size: 25x23x40 inches (x2)