Von Arx DK Pneumatic Scabbler


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VonArx’s pneumatic scabblers are available in 1,2, or 3 “heads”, or hard metal-mounted impact pistons. Some applications include:

  • They are powerful pneumatic scabblers for the removal of grout, mortar, laitance, encrustations, paint, wood, and rust.
  • They are suitable for use on small hard-to-reach areas as well as for maintenance work on larger areas.
  • Also ideal for rough work on concrete and cobblestone to improve slip resistance.
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Scabbling concrete to expose aggregate
  • One of the more popular applications is to use the tools to remove the overlay from the wall to prepare the wall for a new overlay. On brick buildings, they are frequently used to remove the “spillover” hardened mortar between bricks. 

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DK 1 H, DK 2 H, DK 3 H


Spec Sheets


Product SKU Weight (Lbs) Length (in) Air Consumption (cfm) Air Pressure (Max psi) Connection Thread (in)
DK 1 H 700763 6.8lbs 24″ 5.7 100 3/8″
DK 2 H 700770 9.9lbs 24″ 11.3 100 3/8″
DK 3 H 700772 13.7lbs 25″ 17 100 3/8″

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