Von Arx DTF35SH Shaver

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The machine works under its weight on the floor, and it is to be led by an operator. It can be equipped with a 35cm-wide stacked diamond impregnated shaving blades mounted either on a drum or directly on the machine shaft. The construction features a 4” dust extraction port as well as a water connection for blades cooling and dust control. The diamond blades have segments with varying hardness to cut soft, medium or hard concrete depending upon the surface hardness. The stacked diamond blades can be configured next to each other to shave thin materials or with a spacing gap to cut deeper passes.

Additional information

Weight 677 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 27 × 45 in

Propane (Honda LPB), Electric 480v

Spec Sheets

VonArx DTF35SH Spec Sheet 2021

DTF 35 SH electric TDS