Von Arx DTF25 SH LPG Vanguard Propane Shaver

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With the DTF25 SH LPG the surface is carefully “ground off“ instead of chipping it away. Thus the machine runs calmly and produces a smooth surface. The DTF 25 SH LPG has a drum that is equipped with diamond blades. It removes the material very precisely. For running the machine you must connect the water cooling system so the diamond blades do not overheat. This machine runs on propane with a hydraulic traction unit. The DTF 25 SH LPG comes standard equipped with drum and diamond turbo blades

It is not allowed to run the side attachment unit at the same time as the main cylinder.

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Weight 529 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 19 × 45 in


Spec Sheets

VonArx DTF25LPG Propane Spec Sheet

DTF25SH Operating Manual

Sidewalk Slip Resistance 101

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