US SAWS MC-45 concrete milling machine 120v 15amp


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The MC-45 is a concrete milling machine used for cutting out spalled joints and other applications where concrete needs to be removed. The MC-45 will cut up to 1-1/2 inches deep and 1-1/2 inches in width in one pass and can utilize a variety of blade and spacer combinations to vary the width of the cut. The MC-45 is powered by a 120V 15 amp Metabo gear reduction grinder. Production speed is 2 feet per minute at  1” wide by 1/2” deep. This machine is designed with a heavy duty steel frame and a unique wheel configuration to roll over existing cuts and joints.The MC-45 comes equipped with (5) blades which will achieve a cut width of approximately 1″.


  • Cuts out existing damaged joints up to 1.5” wide and 1.5” deep in a standing position
  • Excellent dust collection capabilities when used with a proper dust collection system (200 CFM minimum is recommended)
  • Forward mounted handle to keep forward pressure on the blades
  • Powered by 15 AMP Metabo
  • Can run 2 feet per minute at 1” wide and 1/2” deep
  • The unique design gives the user up to 8” of milling width (multiple passes) without destabilizing the machine

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Weight 30 lbs

Spec Sheets

MC-45 Milling Machine Spec Sheet

MC-45 Owners Manual