US Saws JS-160 Propane Joint Clean-Out Saw


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U.S. SAWS’ JS-160P is a Joint Clean-out Saw/Mill. It is designed to clean-out existing control joints to prepare for new joint fill application or to remove failing or deteriorated existing joint fill material. This machine can be used to remove polyurea, epoxy, and polyurethane joint fill materials. The JS-160P has several key features to provide accuracy, high production rates, and a safe working environment.

  • features electric start and the twin-cylinder design has reduced vibration
  • CO-2 monitor
  • Upcut blade rotation removes debris and material from the joint and ejects it up towards the vacuum port
  • New and improved polyurethane blade guard seals help contain dust
  • Redesigned belt drive system for easier maintenance and longer wear life
  • Front and rear pointer guides for accuracy
  • Screw jack depth adjustment and “quick lift” blade retraction handle for consistency and safety

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs



Spec Sheets

Model:  JS-160 – Propane
Part Number: SX77160
Fuel Type: Propane
Fuel Capacity: 14 lbs / 3-4 hour run time
Engine Size/ Brand: V-Twin 479CC, 16 HP Vanguard
Max RPM: 5,850
Max Cutting Depth: 3”
Blade Sizes: 8” to 10” Dry Diamond
Max Width Single Blade: .500” Multiple Blades: 1.5”
Minimum Blade Width: 0.095”
Blade Width: 0.095”,.110”,.125”,.187”,.250”,.375”,.500”
Arbor Size: 1” with Drive Pin Hole
Dust Collector Size: 350+ CFM
Weight: 250 lb

JS-160 Joint Saw Propane Spec Sheet