Thermal-Chem ArmorPrime 726 Epoxy Primer (5 Gal Kit)


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ArmorPrime 726 is a general purpose, 100% solids epoxy primer available in 2 pigments. This system can be applied neatly in a thin mil coat or as thick as 20 mils, without a blush. It can be mixed with a fine silica to aid in filling rough and uneven concrete substrates prior to the final top coat application.

Thermal-Chem’s line of epoxy primers provide a tenacious mechanical bond to help promote adhesion of the base coats and top coats to the substrate. The epoxy primers also help seal both old and new concrete prior to the application of another coatings, and can help reduce the problem of out-gassing due to porous or heavily abraded substrates. Each of these primers have been specifically formulated for different uses.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 20 in
Pigment Color

Pewter Grey, Sandalwood, Black (DecoEssence)




Spec Sheets

Thermal-Chem 726 ArmorPrime PDS.pdf
Thermal-Chem DecoEssence Sell Sheet.pdf
Thermal-Chem DecoFlake Sell Sheet.pdf
Thermal-Chem DecoQuartz Sell Sheet.pdf
Thermal-Chem DecoEssence Installation Guide.pdf
Thermal-Chem DecoFlake Installation Guide.pdf
Thermal-Chem DecoQuartz Installation Guide.pdf