Taylor Hobson Ametek T-Meter II Surface Roughness Tester


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The T-Meter II is a superior portable surface finish classifier that measures concrete surface finish with a 1 button click. Parameters Ra and its derived parameters STG, CSP and ft are displayed on a brightly lit intuitive 2.4” LCD color display. Its rechargeable battery operation makes it a convenient way of performing fast, easy and precise on-the-spot measurements in almost any environment.

The hard-wearing diamond stylus is drawn across the surface with a precision motorised traverse mechanism to ensure that the correct horizontal distance is traveled. Vertical movement of the stylus is detected by a high quality piezo-electric pick-up as it travels across peaks and valleys, which converts mechanical movement into electrical signals. The electrical signal is digitized and sent to a microprocessor for instant calculation of parameters using standardized algorithms.

Taylor Hobson philosophy keeps the process simple. The T-Meter II is the perfect tool for an inspector to classify and evaluate the surface finish. It is fast and reliable, built to last, user friendly and designed for power.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in



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  • Bluetooth Technology – quick, reliable communication between traverse and display/ control unit
  • Profile Graph – clear, detailed graph showing measurement area – excellent for visually identifying defects
  • Separates – the Duo splits into a display/control unit and traverse unit via a slide and lock mechanism

T-Meter II Data Sheet.pdf
T-Meter II User Guide.pdf