SlurrySafe AR 1 Gallon


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SlurrySafe AR is an acid replacement cleaner that attacks hardened concrete and makes it easy to clean off tooling and equipment. It is a patented synthetic safe acid replacement for all hydrochloric uses.

• Triple Zero Hazardous Material Score
• 100% Biodegradeable
• Non Toxic, Non Fuming, No VOC’s
• Non Regulated by US DOT
• “Cleangredient” EPA Approved
• Safe on Pumps, Pipes and most Metals
• Descales and Eliminates Foulants and Rust
• Requires No Corrosion Inhibitor
• High pH Neutralizer
• Acid Free

A Multi-Purpose Product, SlurrySafe AR can be used as a grinding aid, pH reducer, diamond tool cleaner, equipment cleaner, descaler, rust remover, and slurry/concrete dissolver.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in



Spec Sheets

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