SCOFIELD Proguard Duracover Floor Protection Seaming Tape


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Are you protecting your floor with the Duracover?

Fill in the overlaying seams with the SCOFIELD Proguard Duracover Seaming Tape to ensure your floor is preserved.

The tape will cover up to 4″ width seam reaching across 150′ of overlapping Duracover. Make sure your ProGuard cover stays in place and nothing gets in the cracks by taping it down. Make sure that the tape is not adheared to floor directly. It will PERMANENTLY DAMAGE THE FLOOR.

This high performance seam covering tape can withstand temperatures down to 25 degrees that is a polyethylene film. It is designed to keep your Duracover in place while protecting your floor from any damage.

Tape your seams shut with the SCOFIELD Proguard Duracover Seaming Tape while using the Duracover to prevent any floor damage.

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Weight 4 lbs

single roll, box of 12 rolls