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Clear Cure VOC J7WB is a VOC compliant, water based clear resin dissipating curing compound. Clear Cure VOC J7WB is a true curing membrane meeting ASTM C309. Clear Cure VOC J7WB contains < 100 g/L VOC’s making it compliant in all areas of the United States & Canada. Clear Cure VOC J7WB may contribute to LEED credits. Clear Cure VOC J7WB provides excellent curing properties for newly placed concrete and is easier to remove than most curing membranes.


  • Meets ASTM C309
  • VOC compliant in all areas
  • May contribute to LEED credits
  • Dissipation normally begins within 7-10 days
  • Easier removal than most other membrane forming curing compounds
  • Does not interfere with adhesion of subsequent surface treatments once removed
  • Low odor

Uses: Clear Cure VOC J7WB is designed to be used on freshly finished concrete as a membrane forming curing compound for both horizontal/vertical surfaces as well as interior/exterior applications. Clear Cure VOC J7WB will, when properly applied, maintain moisture required for proper hydration of the cement.

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Weight48 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 24 in

5 gal pail – #143953, 55 gal drum – #143954




Spec Sheets

Clear Cure VOC J7WB TDS.pdf
Clear Cure VOC J7WB SDS.pdf
Guide to Curing.pdf