RSP 46″ Pad




Use this 46″ black stripping pad as part of the Runyon Power Strip N’ Scrub System. The RSP Power Strip N’ Scrub System is a method of attaching non-woven floor pads to power trowels to increase the functionality and versatility of the equipment. Designed to run under an 8′ ride-on trowel, each pad is 46″ across and goes onto a flat float pan equipped with male velcro holders; this makes changing pads simple, fast and efficient. The RSP Power Trowel Scrub System can be used for several applications, including restoration/rejuvenation, stripping cure and seal, scrubbing and densifying, final clean and deep scrub.

Attach each 46″ pad (2 per 8′ power trowel) onto each 46″ float pan with (5) 14″ velcro pads attached. The velcro is what the 46″ pad will adhere to.

This particular black stripping pad is ideal for the Stripping Cure & Seal Application. Using black stripping pads under the trowel, in conjunction with a chemical stripper, will quickly remove a cure and seal from the surface of the concrete.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 46 × 4 in





Black, Blue, Red