RSP 14″ MPS Magnetic Preload System


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Runyon Surface Prep is proud to announce the introduction of an innovative tool holding system for power trowels, auto scrubbers and swing machines. The Magnetic Preload System allows for the fast and efficient changing of any 3″ velcro-backed tooling on a standard 14″ or 16″ pad driver. The system consists of a stainless steel ring that bolts to the pad driver and high density polymer tool holder rings with embedded magnets on one side and six recessed slots for 3″ velcro backed puck style tools on the other.

To change tools, simply pull off the polymer tool holder currently on the driver and slide a new, fully loaded polymer tool holder on. Alignment bosses on the stainless steel ring, with corresponding guide holes on the polymer rings make achieving a secure and proper placement automatic. Each setup comes with one stainless steel ring and two polymer tool holders, so you can always have your next step of tools loaded and ready to go.

Note: for use under an 8′ power trowel, you’ll need 10 of these set-ups – one for each of the 10 trowel arms. You’ll also need 10 rotary system mounts and 10 pad drivers, each sold separately. Use RSP Wet Slicks under this machine.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in



Spec Sheets

Power Trowel Polishing Options PDF
RSP Guide to Power Trowel Polishing PDF