Reconditioned Factory-Certified Tennant 5680 Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber


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Reserve a used Tennant 5680 auto scrubber today as part of a continuous monthly program. You won't be disappointed in its performance. The 5680 is an aggressive system that delivers excellent down pressure and pad RPM for consistent cleaning results to help reduce your cost to clean, improve facility image and provide a safe environment – all in an easy to use and maintain walk behind floor scrubber.

Scrubbing with the 5680 increases productivity, and provides health and safety benefits. It is easy to operate, and helps improve a facility – image by providing consistent cleaning results. And despite the fact that these are used auto scrubbers, they've been maintained and restored by Tennant, so they're as productive and efficient as a new unit.

Each of these reconditioned 5680 auto scrubbers are factory-certified, meaning Tennant has maintained each unit for the past 4 years and gone over each machine with a fine-toothed comb to ensure all parts and pieces operate and function properly. These used auto scrubbers have low hours, averaging between 600-3,000, and are guaranteed high quality by Tennant.

Note: this scrubber comes with lead acid batteries, which are longer lasting and better quality that the previous sealed batteries that came standard on refurbished 5680s.

Package Option Includes:

  • (36) 4oz packs of Prosoco DailyKlean Ultra 30
  • (2) 16" stripping pads
  • (2) 16" cleaning pads
  • (2) 16" scrubbing pads
  • (2) 16" buffing pads
  • (2) 16" polishing pads

Optional Add-Ons:

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 42 × 43 in
Single or Package

Tennant 5680 Only, Tennant 5680 Only, Tennant 5680 Package, Tennant 5680 Package



Optional Add-Ons

(36) 4oz pouches DailyKlean Ultra 30, (36) 4oz pouches LSKlean Ultra 30, (36) 4oz pouches DailyKlean Ultra 30, (36) 4oz pouches LSKlean Ultra 30

Spec Sheets


  • Reduces cost to clean
  • Health and safety
  • Enhance facility image
  • Easy operation and maintenance

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