Prosoco Consolideck LSKlean Ultra 30


Minimum order 36 (case). Sold in case quantities (36).

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Consolideck LSKlean ULTRA 30 is a highly concentrated maintenance cleaner specially designed for use in automatic floor scrubbers. The specialized blend of degreasers and detergents removes most common soiling found on concrete floors. It is ideal for concrete floors everywhere, from warehouses and manufacturing plants to schools, stores, hospitals, restaurants and more. LSKlean ULTRA 30 contains a lithium silicate hardener/densifier to help maintain concrete hardness. Regular maintenance cleaning with LSKlean ULTRA 30 as part of a comprehensive maintenance program ensures the highest appearance and performance standards for all indoor concrete flatwork.

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Weight 0.25 lbs

Single 4oz Pack, Box of 36 (4oz Packs)





Spec Sheets

  • Convenient pre-measured 4-oz packages for easy dilution.
  • Concentrated for economy of storage and transport.
  • No rinsing needed for routine surface cleaning of floors.
  • Contains US EPA DfE (Designed for the Environment) conformant CleanGredients® listed surfactants.

LSKlean Ultra 30 PDS.pdf
LSKlean Ultra 30 SDS.pdf