Prosoco Consolideck Concrete Protector WB


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Prosoco’s Consolideck Concrete Protector WB is a penetrating water, oil and stain repellent for every kind of finished concrete floor. Concrete Protector improves stain resistance and simplifies maintenance cleaning of interior and exterior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. Water-based and low-odor, this VOC-compliant protective treatment is easily applied with pump-up sprayers. Concrete treated with Concrete Protector resists staining from oil, food and waterborne materials while retaining its natural color, texture, and breathability.

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Weight 9.25 lbs

1 gal #46022-01GALCS, 5 gal #46022-05GAL





Spec Sheets

  • Treated surfaces retain their natural color, texture, and breathability.
  • Low-odor. Suitable for interior application to occupied buildings.
  • Appropriate for all concrete, from new, “green” concrete to steel troweled to highly polished.
  • Works on lithium-silicate hardened/densified floors.
  • Long-lasting, polymeric material suitable for interior and exterior applications.

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