Prosoco Consolideck 244 Salt Screen Additive


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Consolideck 244 Salt Screen Additive is a pre-measured, water-based, VOC compliant silane/siloxane water repellent and chloride screen concentrate specially formulated for mixing with Consolideck LS or LS/CS.

When combined with LS or LS/CS, 244 Salt Screen Additive hardens, rustproofs and protects horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces from abrasion, moisture intrusion, and chloride salts all in one easy application. Low odor and alkaline stable, 244 Salt Screen Additive is ideal for field or in-plant application to concrete masonry.

In coastal areas, Consolideck LS or LS/CS mixed with 244 Salt Screen Additive provides protection against salt air by screening chlorides from penetrating through concrete to the reinforcing steel. Properly applied, the product reduces rebar corrosion and surface spalling caused by water-carried salts. Use on horizontal surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, parking garages and other concrete masonry. Provides excellent protection for retaining walls, bridge pilings and other vertical areas exposed to de-icing salts.

Used with Consolideck LS or LS/CS, 244 Salt Screen Additive is an effective alternative to conventional solvent-based silanes and siloxanes. Properly diluted product penetrates and chemically bonds deep within the concrete substrate to provide long-lasting protection against moisture intrusion and water-related staining or deterioration. When properly applied, no surface film is produced. Treated surfaces keep their natural breathing characteristics and natural appearance.

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  • One easy application provides hardening, dustproofing, and moisture and salt protection.
  • Low-odor, water-based formula minimizes explosion and fire hazards associated with alcohol- or solvent-based water repellents.
  • Alkaline stable – suitable for new “green” concrete, 14–28 days old.
  • Treated surfaces “breathe” – does not trap moisture.