National 5200QL 120V Ride-On Floor Scraper


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Need your scraper to work 24/7? Panther Cordless Ride-On Floor Scraper For Concrete Surface Prep never stops. The battery is easily removed, so charge one while the other is still working hard to scrape away the old flooring. It keeps working until the job is done. This four-horsepower floor removal machine will remove that difficult material as quickly as you can maneuver it. The interchangeable batteries make the unit wireless with no need for an electrical hookup.

There are a variety of blades, cutting heads, and shanks that come standard, but make sure you check out the additional accessories to handle that difficult job. The cutting heads make cutting easy and the quick blade change makes this machine one you can’t do without. The operator wastes very little time finishing a section with cut time and blade adjustment.

The 5200 QL also has low maintenance issues due to the fact that it has no belts or gears that need to be removed making for fewer repairs on the machine. In addition, this feature helps keep the noise down during operation. Keep everyone working and efficient; both the machine and the operators are able to keep going when other scrapers need to be recharged.

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Weight 1748 lbs
Dimensions 24.75 × 46.5 × 57 in



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