National “Rogue” Heavy-Duty Floor Scraper



Rogue is the newest Walk-behind Scraper from National.  This all-electric scraper has an infinitely adjustable blade angle and powers through both hard and soft goods removal.  Simplified toggle controls, increased travel speed, and fewer loose parts are a few of the features that set this machine apart. Designed as a solution for the global surface prep market, Rogue works in any country with the simple swap of a cord.


  • Adjustable orbital speed from 0 – 1900 RPMs delivers flexibility in removal from thin set to ceramic.
  • Quick-change tooling & holder provide transitions with the click of a button & no loose parts.


  • Two thumb controls create responsive, precision steering with options for one-handed steering.
  • A simple toggle infinitely adjusts blade pitch and angle.


  • Built-in wheel de-couplers put your machine into transport mode without wheel pins.
  • Newly-designed wheel scrapers are efficient in forward and reverse.
  • Front, middle, and side weights are removable and positionable.
  • This modular machine is designed to be pulled apart and transported with ease.

Watch Rogue in action here.

Power Supply Electric  
Max. Width 22.1″ 56 cm
Width (weights forward) 19.4″ 49 cm
Max. Height 45.3″ 115 cm
Height (handle folded) 25.3″ 64 cm
Max. Length 56.8″ 114 cm
Length (handle folded) 41.4″ 105 cm
Weight 466 lbs 211.4 kg
Removable Weight 177 lbs 80.3 kg
Weight (machine only) 289 lbs 131.1 kg
Speed 3 – 150 ft/min 0.9 – 45.7 m/min
RPM 600 – 2000 RPM  
Voltage 120 V  
Frequency 60 Hz  
HP Drive Motor – 1/3 HP (x2) 

Orbital Motor – 3/4 HP

Amps (full load) 15 A  

Additional information

Weight 466 lbs
Dimensions 22.1 × 45.3 × 56.8 in