National 5280 Self-Propelled 115V Concrete Floor Scraper



If you are in need of the lightest self propelled scraper, then the National Panther Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Concrete Floor Scraper is your dream come true. It may weigh less than big boys, but is built to plow through the bulkiest materials. This machine weighs in at a low 207 pounds; but can cover up to 50″ per minute at 1,725 RPMs with only one horse power. The speed is variable and can cover as much as 12′ per minute to deal with those stubborn floor substances.

The most common floor coverings the 5280 can remove are, but are not limited to: gummy commercial carpet, VCT, solid vinyl, radial rubber tile, sheet rubber, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, as well as roofing materials. The included blades in varying sizes and additional weights quietly aid this scraper in removing the floor in a timely manner.

The 5280 will instantly go forward the moment it is plugged into it’s 10 amp plug and turned on. The handle is adjustable to get into those tight places and since it weighs less than the others, allows for easier manipulation. This machine is known for its elite random orbital action helping the operator rip up flooring the other machines can’t even reach.

Manipulation is usually a negative word, but not when it comes to the National 5280 Panther self propelled scraper; everyone brags about its ability to work its way into any corner.

Model Number: 5280

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Additional information

Weight 207 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 39 × 27 in



Spec Sheets

Data / Specs:
National 5280 PDS.pdf