National 5700 Hydraulic Ride-On Floor Surface Scraper



The National Ride-On Battery 115 Volt Floor Surface Scraper does just what is says, lasts all day. Just one nightly charge provides up to 10 hours of real time work. Nothing on the market compares for floor removal and preparation.

This scraper is simply always ready to work especially if there is no available outlets or when propane regulations would be an issue! At the end of the day simply plug the machine’s built-in charger into a standard 115 volt outlet. The next morning the 5700 is recharged and ready for another hard day of work.

If the job needs to get done with no interruptions, the 5700 is the one that can pull 25,000 square feet of carpet in a 10 hour day. Its swivel head blade allows for extensive movement while maintaining contact with the ground for nonstop scraping.

Does the blade need to be at an unusual angle? The sliding front plate can be adjusted for different blade angles. Not only are the blades adaptable, but this scraper has intense hydraulic steering for getting into those tight spaces.

Ride-on this zero turn radius 5700 Panther Floor Scraper all day with only the operator needing a break.

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Additional information

Weight 2062 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 24.5 × 50.5 in



Spec Sheets

Data / Specs:
National 5700 PDS.pdf