National 6280HD Gladiator Self-Propelled Floor Scraper


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The Gladiator removes the worst of today’s hard and soft goods, such as ceramic tile, wood floors, thin-set, sheet vinyl, linoleum, and more.  Its compact design makes it ideal for use in confined spaces, while the side slide weights add extra head pressure when forward and improved traction when moved over the back wheels.

Simply just walk behind this self-propelled floor removal machine on even the toughest jobs. It has the ability to go instantly into reverse just as easy as it goes forward. This unit has an angle attachment that allows the operator to maneuver the machine into unusual spaces as the blade stays in contact with the floor.

This 540-pound monster can go up 1,725 RPMs while removing the old flooring at 30′ per minute. The 6280HD scraper deserves the title it had been given, “most aggressive walk behind floor scraper in the industry.” Considering its razor-sharp speed, maneuverability, and variety of blades, this self-propelling scraper will rip up any surface in its way. One of the eight blades, two angle attachments, or five different heads that are included with the scraper is bound to fit into your job assignment’s parameters. 

Designed for maximum torque, the 6280HD Gladiator can effortlessly remove any knowable floor covering.

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Additional information

Weight 540 lbs
Dimensions 49.5 × 17.75 × 46.75 in



Spec Sheets

Data / Specs:
National 6280HD PDS.pdf

  • Width: 17.75″
  • Max Height: 46.75″
  • Height (handle folded): 30″
  • Max Length: 49.5″
  • Length (handle folded): 29.5″
  • Weight: 490 lb
  • Removable Weight: 78 lb front, 43 lb side
  • Weight (machine only): 369 lb
  • Speed: up to 30 ft/min
  • RPM: 1725
  • Voltage: 115
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • HP: 1.5
  • Amps (full load): 14.7
  • Noise Emission: 77 dB