National 5625 Propane Ride-On Floor Surface Scraper


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Torque your way through floor removal and preparation. The National 5625 Panther Propane Ride-On Floor Surface Scraper is THE ONLY ride-on floor scraper that can totally be converted into a battery operated machine. The 5625 has a 20 horsepower water cooled Kawasaki engine with emission output which is among the lowest in the industry. Its unique design allows the 5600 to plow through material without hesitation. Literally ride on this piece of equipment to prepare your floor for the next step of completion.

If there is a concern regarding oil contamination, the hydraulic system in this unit does not need extra cooler for the oil. Installed is a tough pump construction that almost eliminates oil contamination.

Instead of buying an entirely new scraper, this scraper can convert from a propane to battery engine with changing out the engine pods. This is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing two different machines.

It’s all about the blade. The 5625 has an adjustable blade pitch and angle. It allows for a quick swivel head blade change. Not only do the blades easily remove to adjust to any environment, the hood is completely accessible to make quick repairs.

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Weight 1663 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 26 × 52.25 in



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