National 550 115 Volt Walk-Behind Concrete Floor Scraper



Need to remove flooring that is adhered with a stubborn substance? Give the National 550 Panther 115 Volt Walk-Behind Concrete Floor Scraper a try. This outstanding scraper will remove any standard floorings, as well as wood and ceramic and is able to adapt to any flooring environment. The wheels adjust to hit odd angles and can even be disengaged so the blade can reach extremely steep angles. Due to its unusual head angle the floors will not get gouged, thus allowing for a smooth finish on any completed project’s surface.

The cutting head holds onto the blade locking it in place to guarantee the blades longevity and can be quickly changed. For those difficult jobs a standard, self-scoring scraper blade, or an optional angle shank with carbide tip are all viable options. Any of these blades can be used on this 1 horse power motor floor scraper. The adjustable handle is not only for the operator’s comfort but also for movement in tight spaces.

Model Number: 550

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Additional information

Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 17.75 × 42.5 × 32.5 in



Spec Sheets

Data / Specs:
National 550 PDS.pdf