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SlurryDry is a a super absorbent polymer designed to quickly absorb free water within cement fines. This product will be used to solidify the slurry pit allowing solids to be loaded and delivered to the local landfills. After solidification, the solids will pass the paint filter test as required.

Muddog SlurryDry is used for the solidification and stabilization of waste slurry and other fluids produced from concrete-related applications. This product is designed to create solids to pass the Paint Filter Liquids Test (PFLT) and the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) for heavy metals. SlurryDry is a fast and easy way to solidify heavy concrete slurry sludge for jobsite disposal.

Concrete slurry sludge disposal is costly and labor intensive. The MudDog SlurryDry solidification system will quickly and economically absorb all free liquid in the waste sludge making it easier and more economical to compliantly dispose.

MudDog SlurrySep will turn wet slurry into a dry solid in just minutes. The patented blends quickly makes a non-flowing gelled solid that will pass the paint filter test and is landfill accepted.

The super absorbent polymer attacks the free water in the sludge and encapsulates it to enhances evaporation. Once trapped, the high pH water will not release back into the Enviroment and heavy metals will not leach in the landfills. Let MudDog guard your company’s bottom line.

Procedure for Processing Floor Grinding:

  1. Vacuum or pump into drum or other slurry storage device. If the slurry is from the first 2-3 grinds and the solid content is over 40% solids, then is recommended to use SlurryDry to solidify without using the SlurrySep. Add 1-2 cups of SlurryDry in 50 gallons and mix for 15-30 seconds until solidified. Dispose of solid slurry as normal construction waste.


  1. If the slurry is under 40% solids, add 1-2 cups of SlurrySep per 100 gallons of watery slurry and mix with a paddle mixer for 1-2 minutes to activate. During mixing, the solids will coagulate and settle quickly to the bottom of the drum.
  2. If water still has cloudy tint, mix for an additional minute. The more its stirred, the clearer the water becomes.
  3. Coagulated solids will settle in 1-2 minutes. The clear water on top can be decanted down to the sludge layer. This water can be recycled to the floor grinder, or disposed in the sewer. Decant by using a wet vacuum or pump. The more decanted water removed, the less SlurryDry is needed for solidification. The solids will continue to condense and dewater.
  4. The sludge layer can then be solidified by adding 1-2 cups of SlurryDry and mix for 15-30 seconds. Sludge will solidify within 2-10 minutes. If not completely gelled, add additional SlurryDry and remix. Sludge is now a non flowing solid that will pass the paint filter test. Dispose of solidified material as construction waste.

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Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 16 in



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  • Replaces high-collection, handling, hauling and disposal costs
  • Protects from environmental fines

Quick settlement of color pigment in pit

  • No color migration into clean water pits

Separate color in truck

  • Washout pigment in a single load
  • Gets truck back into the cycle sooner

Quick settlement of cement fines

  • Keeps cement fines in first pit for easy clean out
  • Significant time reduction in cleaning pit 2

Pit maintenance reduced

  • Lower labor costs for cleaning entire pit system
  • Reduced safety issues in pit cleaning

Better housekeeping

  • Clean pit improves appearance of the plant
  • Reduced track out and debris in yard
  • Reduce dust and need for dust control

Water quality improved

  • Better to wash equipment with clean recycled water

City water use is reduced

  • Save money and resources

Water harvesting can be used

  • Rainwater can reduce city water needs

Water storage volume reduced

  • Less need for excess storage or pits
  • More storage space for rain events

Treats water quickly

  • Reuse water multiple times per week

Clean water for dust control and rock wetting

  • Saves fresh water use and costs

De-scaling pumps and water lines

  • Save money on pump repair or replacement over time
  • Clean lines give faster truck fill rates

Moderate pH reduction

  • Enviromental benefits
  • Less acid or Co2 required for full adjustment if required

Keep loader out of caustic water

  • Reduces loader damage and maintenance costs and downtime
  • Loader better utilized loading aggregate and sand

Dryer stockpile

  • Bentonite naturally dewaters and resists rewetting
  • Condensed solids are easier to dig out of first pit
  • Quicker turnaround for haul away or crushing


  • For spill containment
  • For job site rinse solidification
  • For finishing drying bunker
  • For pit clean out solidification

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