Motor Scrubber Storm Wand


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Disinfect and kill viruses on the go! Powered by MotorScrubber Backpack Technology, STORM gives you the freedom to quickly disinfect all common touchpoints, reducing the risk of cross-infection

Coronavirus has ruled for too long, it is now the time to stop being reactive and start being proactive with virus control.

  • Targeted Liquid Layer. Spray on Demand. Use STORM with any disinfectant and spray evenly for solid coverage. The quick-change nozzle makes it easy to clean and maintain STORM, after every use.
  • Easy To Use System: At just 0.3kg, the super lightweight STORM wand makes for hours of fatigue-free use.
  • Effectively disinfect frequently touched surfaces: With STORM’s spray on-demand feature, simply press and go.
  • This is an attachment for the Jet3 Motor Scrubber.


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Weight 5 lbs

Spec Sheets

Motor Scrubber 2021 Price increase Explained

  • SPRAY DISTANCE: Optimum coverage at 30cm (12″), 120cm (47″) max.
  • SOLUTION CAPACITY: 1 Litre (34oz), quick reload
  • COVERAGE: 75 M2,/Litre (807 ft2/Gallon)
  • FLOW​: 77ml /minute (​2.7 oz/minute)
  • BACKPACK WEIGHT (empty): 4.5kg (9.9lbs)
  • BACKPACK WEIGHT (full): 5.3kg (​11.6lbs)
  • WEIGHT ON WRIST IN USE: 0.3kg (​0.6lbs)
  • BATTERY RUNTIME: 1 Hour 50 min (continuous) 3 Hour usage theoretical
  • CHARGE TIME: 8 Hours