Midwest Rake Sled Style Gauge Rake For Cement Flooring & Finishing


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When installing flooring that has a consistency of cement, use the self adjusting Midwest Rake Sled Style Gauge Rake For Cement Flooring & Finishing.

This value priced sled-style cement rake allows the user to reasonably gauge the depth. The “sled” is quickly adjusted from a depth of 0″ up to 2″. It not only works well with cement, but also with other rougher surfaces. It has a 24″ and a 36″ width to cover large areas in a shorter amount of time. To assure the handle stays in place, it has a threaded adapter to screw into.

When you need a rougher surface laid quickly slide the Midwest Rake “Sled” Style Gauge Rake across your floor.

Choose the Correct Size:

  • 58420 24″ $36.87
  • 58425 36″ $52.09
  • SA30034 Replacements $6.92

​Replacement Parts & Options:

  • Replacement Sleds
  • Threaded Handle Adapter

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Choose "Sled" Style Gauge Rake size

58420 24" $36.87, 558420 36" $52.09, SA30034 Replacements $6.92



Spec Sheets

  • Specifications:
  • 24″ Width
  • 36″ Width
  • Depth: 0″ – 2″
  • Self-Adjusting
  • Threaded Handle Adapter