Midwest Rake 7/8″ Rounded Spikes For Concrete & Cement Overlays


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Switch out old Spikes for the Midwest Rake 7/8″ Rounded Replacement Spikes, 46130.

These 7/8″ Replacement Tips come in a Set of 40 to replace both shoes. Use 20 replacement spikes, for each foot of the Rounded Tip Flexible Bed Spiked Shoes.

Use these spikes on high-build, cement and decorative concrete overlays. They are designed so any primer coats will not be punctured. The spikes can be used on any of the four sized flexible shoes.

Protect your shoes and floor when you replace your worn spikes using Midwest Rake 7/8″ Rounded Replacement Spikes.


  • 46150 Flexible Bed Spiked Shoes(Small)
  • 46151 Flexible Bed Spiked Shoes(Medium)
  • 46152 Flexible Bed Spiked Shoes(Large)
  • 46153 Flexible Bed Spiked Shoes(XLarge)

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Weight 4.75 lbs