Midwest Rake Medium Duty Aluminum Frame


Frame Only

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There are three sizes of frames to choose from; 18″, 24″, and 36″. Make sure to choose the correct width for your purposes. These frames are meant to be used with MWR spiked rollers (purchased separately).

The combination of frame and roller are meant to be used over and over and are designed to be used on freshly applied floor coatings for the purpose of releasing trapped gas as well as to assist in the leveling process of several varieties of floor coatings. They are designed for easy cleaning. Protect your shoes while applying your covering wearing spiked shoes.

Replacement Parts & Options:

  • Handle Options
  • Replacement Axles
  • Replacement Roller
  • Replacement Roller
  • Replacement Frame Assembly

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Weight 8 lbs




18", 24", 36"