Midwest Rake 24″ Rounded Flexible Blade Cement Floor Smoother


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For a glossier finish, Midwest Rake 24″ Rounded Flexible Blade Cement Floor Smoother will hit all the angles.

This flexible rounded corner steel blade is meant to be bent and angled to maximize the blade making contact with a variety of surface coating materials. This 24″ wide blue steel blade can reach a depth of 5″. Smooth your floor with this supreme tool that also serves as a spreading tool that can even be used for surface preparation.

Mostly it is used when troweling and/or smoothing overlay/underlay material (toppings) of a more cementitious composition prior to treating the surface.

The blue steel blade is encased in a durable aluminum frame with our high-quality gusset bracing system. The available handle fits tightly into the blades threaded adapter.

Bend and twist this solid Midwest Rake Rounded Flexible Blue Steel Blade Smoother to achieve the ultimate finish.


  • ​Handle Options
  • Replacement ​Blade
  • Replacement Braces (Gusset)

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Weight 2.5 lbs



Spec Sheets


  • Gusset Bracing
  • Threaded Handle Adapter
  • ​24″(Width) x 5″ (Depth) Blue Steel Blade