Midwest Rake 24″ Gauge Rake with Set of 2 CAMs


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Make sure to replace your Midwest Rake 24″ Gauge Rake with Set of 2 CAMs. Use this set after you have worn down all the fresh contact points. You are able to maintain and spread the correct thickness onto your concrete with the varying handle angles and lengths of the gauge rake frame and handle. To guarantee your floor is smooth and has the desired thickness, the gauge rake frame can be adjusted. This easily adaptable tool’s “radial” edge design allows for a range of depth to apply the materials.

The 24″ Gauge Rake Frame can easily be replaced by removing the old rake and screwing the new one in. Not only can this rake accurately apply materials to decorative concrete, but also can be used on self-leveling / high performance floor coating materials, and underlayments in all of the floor-covering markets.

The CAM Gauge sets come in five sizes that allow the 24″ rake to apply at varying thicknesses. It can be applied in depth of 1/16″ to 3/8″. Don’t worry about throwing away your rake when it starts to show some wear, simply loosen the wing nut and rotate the CAM to a fresh contact point. When you can no longer reset the tool, the CAM Gauge Rake Frames and CAM Sets are sold separately.

Replace the worn out rake with a new 24″ or 36″ CAM Gauge Rake Frame w/Threaded Handle Adapter (Frame Only).

  • 57201 1/16″
  • 57202 1/8″
  • 57203 3/16″
  • 57204 1/4″
  • 57206 3/8″

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Weight 2.5 lbs

57201 1/16", 57202 1/8", 57203 3/16", 57204 1/4", 57206 3/8"