Midwest Rake 18″ Easy Squeegee 8-12 WFT Mils Blade


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The Easy Squeegee self-locating and self-leveling blades ensure your blade is straight, level and in perfect contact with the floor every time.

Need to get 200 gallons of 100% solids epoxy down at 10 Mils (160 ft2 / GAL)?  This Easy Squeegee blade provides the option to apply coatings at 8-12 WFT mils. This blade features the scalloped style.

All blades are inscribed with intelligent blade identification – WFT (wet film thickness) and WFSR (wet film spread rate) information.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 1 in



Spec Sheets

Easy Squeegee Product Brochure
Midwest Rake Easy Squeegee Blade Chart.pdf
Midwest Rake Easy Squeegee Info.pdf
Midwest Rake Easy Squeegee One-Pager.pdf