Metzger/McGuire Spal-Pro Stabilizer


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Spal-Pro Stabilizer is a 100% solids, two-component semi-rigid polyurea polymer intended for use in under slab stabilization of deflecting/rocking concrete floor panels. Spal-Pro Stabilizer allows for a return to service in 60 minutes or less.

SPAL-PRO STABILIZER is used to correct conditions where slabs deflect and/or rock when subjected to material handling vehicle loads. This condition is usually the result of slab curl or various below-grade deficiencies/voids. Once pressure injected into the voids beneath the slab, SPAL-PRO STABILIZER cures into a hard rubber-like solid pad that fully supports the slab and reduces or eliminates deflection within 30 minutes of installation. SPAL-PRO STABILIZER has an installation and service temperature range of +120F (49C) to -20F (-29C).

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 32 × 16 in

15-Gallon Kit



Spec Sheets

Spal-Pro Stabilizer TDS.pdf
Spal-Pro Stabilizer Part A SDS.pdf
Spal-Pro Stabilizer Part B SDS.pdf