Metzger/McGuire MM-80 1 Gallon Unit Standard Gray Epoxy Joint Filler


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Fill in the cracks with the Metzger McGuire MM-80 Epoxy Joint Filler, 100% solids content epoxy joint filler. When totally cured, the filler turns to a gray color forming into a semi-rigid (hard but slightly resilient) texture with a shore hardness of A90-95.

Depending on your requirements, the MM-80 is available two versions. The MM-80 has an original 5:1 ratio, used primarily for manual Dispensing. The MM-80P version has a 1:1 mix ratio, intended for use dual-component mechanized pumps.

MM-80 was developed to fill and protect joints industrial concrete floors that are subject to hard wheeled material handling traffic and heavy loads. Its primary function is to support such traffic and protect joint edges as well as be a fill in. MM-80 is designed for use areas where final temperatures range from 40F (10C) to 120F (49C). Support your foot traffic with a solid surface by using the Metzger McGuire MM-80 filler.

Refer to the SDS sheet for correct handling directions, specifications, and warnings.

**This is a Hazardous Material and can ONLY be shipped Ground.**

**Standard Gray ONLY can be ordered in quantities of ONE.**

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