Metzger McGuire Joint Weasel for RS 88


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The Joint Weasel features an extremely thin metal tip—2.25″ x 0.125″—that allows you to dispense Metzger/McGuire RS 88 into deep cracks and tight joints for more thorough repair.

The Joint Weasel comes with a static mixer and metal end. It works with standard bulk pumps as well as RS 88 600-mL cartridges.


  • Ideal for the tightest, deepest cracks
  • Great for hard-to-reach spots
  • Comes with static mixer and metal end
  • Works with bulk pumps or dual cartridges

“Due to unforeseen circumstances with the shortage of raw materials, there is currently a 15% surcharge on all Metzger material.”

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Weight 2 lbs