Metzger/McGuire Edge Pro 90 – Heavy Duty Polyurea Joint Filler




Edge-Pro 90 is a two-part, 100% solids, rapid-setting polyurea polymer liquid system. When cured, Edge-Pro 90 is a rubberlike solid with a hardness of Shore A 90-92.

Shore A Hardness: A90-92Color and Packaging:
Standard color is Dovetail Gray. Additional colors options are available through special arrangement. Contact Metzger/McGuire for additional details.

Available in 10 gallon (US) kits (2-5 gallon US pails) and 600 ML (300:300) dual cartridge kits.

Basic Use:

Edge-Pro 90 was developed to fill and protect joints in heavy duty industrial concrete floors subjected to frequent and demanding traffic. Its primary function is to protect joint edges from spalling under material handling vehicle traffic. Edge-Pro 90 is intended for use where final operating temperatures are from 32°F (0°C) to +120°F (49°C).


Edge-Pro 90 Heavy Duty Polyurea Joint Filler is the first product to offer heavy duty performance and durability comparable to our legendary MM-80 Heavy Duty Epoxy Joint Filler and can fill and protect joint edges in the most demanding industrial floor settings such as warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

Other Uses:

Edge-Pro 90 is also ideal for filling/repairing random cracks and repairing joints in heavy duty industrial concrete floors.

Additional information

Weight 108 lbs

600 mL, 10 gal kit



Spec Sheets

There are no government or ASTM standards for semi-rigid oor joint llers. Edge-Pro 90 meets or exceeds the oor joint ller guidelines set forth by the American Concrete Institute’s technical committee guides 301- 10, 302.1R-15, 310R-13, 360R-10 and the Portland Cement Association’s (PCA) Concrete Floors on Ground (2008).

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