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When it comes to stained and polished concrete floors, facility owners expectations for final appearance are often high. And part of this expectation is that the joint filler installed in the floor system closely matches the color of the natural or stained concrete surface. But all too often the finished color of the concrete is not known until after the few polishing steps or until the stain/dye is applied. This usually creates a mad scramble to get a matching joint filler color ASAP to avoid delaying the project and can result in costly overnight shipping of colored material in pails. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, neutral-colored Edge Pro 80 Polyurea Joint Filler with ColorFast Color Packs could be just the solution for you.

Metzger/McGuire has formulated an in-field color pigment dispersion that allows you the flexibility to choose your color at the job site and still maintain the high quality color matching standards you have come to expect from Metzger/McGuire. Now contractors can mobilize to a project site with all the joint filler needed and choose the filler color at the last minute. If the client's color choice changes, now it's a matter of expediting pigment packs rather than pails for substantial cost savings. And speaking of cost savings, color packs are now FREE when you buy it with a 10 gallon kit of neutral Edge Pro 80 joint filler.

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Weight 4 lbs

Black Fox, Brevity Brown, Brownstone, Burnt Sienna, Cardboard, Dovetail Gray, Gauntlet Gray, High Tea, Mocha Brown, Oiled Teak, Ryno Gray, Standard Gray, Warm Stone




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