Metzger/McGuire Armor-Hard Extreme Epoxy Concrete Patch Kit with Aggregate


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Metzger/McGuire Armor-Hard Extreme Epoxy Concrete Patch Kit with Aggregate will repair your concrete floor for industrial-type traffic. This EXTREME epoxy is meant to withstand the beating of industrial equipment and constant pounding. It is composed of two-component, 100% solids epoxy system designed for ambient to cool temperature applications. There are two Armor-Hard Extreme primary versions with to choice from; Armor-Hard Extreme which is a liquid and Armor-Hard Extreme Epoxy Kit with Aggregate, which is an all-inclusive kit.

  • Armor-Hard EXTREME Liquid or Kit – quick set properties, multiple temperature applications.
  • Armor-Hard EXTREME Liquid or Kit – early set properties (faster than standard structural epoxies, slower than EXTREME), use limited to temperatures of 50F+.
  • As a mortar – large spall repair/rebuilding of joint shoulders, as a topping for de-laminated slabs, filling in holes, potholes, gouges, ruts, pop-outs. Also, as a liquid or to fill wider random cracks.

Limitations: Should not be used in active or moving joints unless a relief joint is formed or saw cut. For deep repairs at warm temps. Install in maximum 1″ layers to avoid shrinkage due to exotherm. Should be installed at 20F (-7C) or higher.

Advantages: Quick set allows for foot traffic in 1 hour, normal traffic in 2 hours, superior wear and impact resistance, wider application range than most structural epoxies, from +120F (49C) down to 20F (-7C), low odor, 100% solids and USDA/FDA/LEED acceptable.

Color: Epoxy liquid color is a translucent/clear. If blended with aggregate, mortar color will become aggregate color.

See the label for specific directions, specifications, and warnings. Refer to the MSDS sheet for correct handling directions, specifications, and warnings.

**This is a Hazardous Material and can ONLY be shipped Ground.**

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