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PETROTEX is a ready to use, quick-drying, multifunctional, water-based concrete protectant containing a new generation, invisible, and VOC compliant emulsion of silane, siloxane and synthetic polymers. PETROTEX effectively protects concrete pavements, natural or synthetic stone surfaces, chemically hardened concrete to resist the penetration of water and oil. PETROTEX penetrates into the surface, forming a long-lasting oil and water repellent treatment that retards the penetration of these contaminants.

PETROTEX leaves no film and invisibly protects concrete and other surfaces from oil drippings and road salts. This product is compatible and recommended for use with chemically hardened concrete floors, especially exposed, commercial and industrial floors that have been treated with L&M SEALHARD and floors that have been ground and polished using L&M’s FGS PermaShine process. Floors treated with PETROTEX are easier to clean and keep clean.

Basic Use: PETROTEX treated concrete surfaces resist oil and water penetration. This product is recommended for use on a variety of surfaces, including commercial and industrial concrete floors, machine shops, car oil change facilities, vehicle repair facilities, bus terminals, concrete pavements and driveways, brick and concrete pavers, natural stone and unglazed ceramic tile. This product is very effective on treated concrete floors treated with chemical hardeners and densifiers.

Sold in 5 Gallon quantities!

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Weight 50 lbs




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This calculator estimates the amount of sealer required (in gallons) for a given area.

FOR ESTIMATING PURPOSES ONLY. Variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site conditions, temperature and relative humidity will affect coverage rates. ALWAYS TEST representative areas to confirm suitability, accurate coverage rates and desired results.

Spec Sheets

Features & Benefits:

  • Develops oil and water repellency, resisting staining for improved aesthetics.
  • Provides improved water repellency to reduce cracking, spalling and freeze/thaw damage.
  • Ready to use low-odor formula for easy application. Compatible with chemically hardened floors: especially, L&M Seal Hard, Lion Hard and FGS PermaShine.
  • Formulated to minimize darkening effects.
  • Water, oil and dirt repellent treatment of low-porosity natural stone, e.g. marble, tavertine and granite.

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