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FGS HARDENER PLUS is a proprietary, chemical hardening solution that is formulated to increase the wear resistance and surface strength of concrete floors that have been mechanically ground, smoothed, and polished. When used in conjunction with the patented FGS PERMASHINE FLOOR POLISHING PROCESS, FGS HARDENER PLUS penetrates diamond ground and polished concrete wear surfaces to harden, seal, densify, and waterproof them. Polished concrete floors treated with FGS HARDENER PLUS last longer than conventional concrete floors, cost less to maintain, reflect light better, hold a shine longer, are safe to use, and are guaranteed to resist dusting for a minimum of ten years. FGS HARDENER PLUS is a water-based, VOC-compliant, odorless and environmentally safe component of this process.

The FGS Permashine System: FGS PermaShine renews existing concrete floors that are dusting, worn, pitted and otherwise suffering from years of use and abuse, restoring them to an attractive, light reflective, and durable polished finish.

New floors also benefit from the FGS PermaShine process when installed after the concrete has cured sufficiently to resist the aggressive steps of grinding and polishing. The FGS PermaShine process is installed only by factory trained and approved contractors, using approved equipment and only the best chemical treatments, in order to insure the highest possible quality and longest lasting finish.

The FGS PERMASHINE DRY CONCRETE POLISHING SYSTEM is patented and is available exclusively through L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc, and only through its dealers and its certified, trained and approved installers.

Following the sequential diamond grinding and polishing steps of the FGS PermaShine process, FGS HARDENER PLUS is applied as the last and final step to the finished concrete surface. This final step is important in order to provide long-term dustproof protection to the floor, as well as to enhance and extend the visual impact of the resultant polished finish. FGS HARDENER PLUS has been formulated to restore surface strength after the aggressive microscopic destructive action of the abrasive diamond grinding and polishing steps. A two-coat application of FGS HARDENER PLUS is required to most effectively protect polished concrete floors.

The development of this product was based on L&M’s considerable knowledge of concrete, gained over 40 years of manufacturing concrete specialty treatments. FGS HARDENER PLUS has been specifically formulated to meet the unique demands of a flat, ground and polished floor – better than any other L&M product, and better than any competing product.

Treatment of a ground and polished floor with FGS HARDENER PLUS will add years to a treated concrete floor’s expected service life, as well as reduce the cost of regular maintenance of that same floor. The powerful densification of a concrete floor by FGS HARDENER PLUS increases its durability by chemically and permanently transforming the comparatively soft, exposed cement paste into a hard, wear-resistant surface. This chemical process also reduces micro-pitting.

Micro-pitting is the physical process by which the wear surface of a concrete floor microscopically deteriorates over time by abrasion. Exposed cement paste at the surface of a concrete floor is continually punished in high traffic areas and, if left untreated, will eventually wear away, letting loose of the aggregates that it is relied upon to bind. This process is frequently observed on both untreated and unprotected floors, and is identified by floor surface dusting. We know from our experience that floors treated with FGS HARDENER PLUS will resist micro-pitting. This single benefit adds many extra useful years to a floor surface.

FGS HARDENER PLUS develops internal bonds, over time, that effectively transform an FGS PermaShine concrete floor into a hardened, chemically strengthened wear surface that resists abrasion, oil contamination and water penetration. Note: While this chemical reaction with the floor begins shortly after treatment, the full benefit is not realized until the process measurably advances during the initial six months following application, at which time the treatment becomes complete and permanent. A regular schedule of washing, utilizing our FGS Concrete Conditioner, will accelerate this protection during this period.

FGS HARDENER PLUS is easy to use. Work area downtime is greatly minimized and its odorless formula allows its use in employee-occupied areas without concern. The deeply penetrating chemical action leaves no film to scratch, chip, peel, discolor or otherwise deteriorate, and its presence will not alter the natural nonslip texture of the concrete floor.

Highly polished treated floors continue to hold their luster through use and with a proper, regular cleaning program utilizing our special FGS Concrete Conditioner. By choosing a FGS Permashine floor, substantial savings in annual maintenance costs will be quickly realized over conventional wax coatings, acrylic sealers and thin film coatings.

Basic Use: FGS HARDENER PLUS is required for use on floors that have been diamond ground and polished in accordance with the patented FGS PermaShine Process. Typical areas that would benefit from this process include floors subjected to medium or heavy fork lift and tow motor traffic, including those found in warehouses, distribution centers, automotive assembly plants, manufacturing plants, textile mills, coolers and freezers, food processing plants, canning factories, breweries, bakeries, meat and poultry processing plants, service garages, grocery stores, discount retail stores, hub transfer facilities, commercial buildings, and most concrete floors needing rehabilitation.

Other uses include concrete floors subjected to frequent or heavy pedestrian traffic, such as: civic centers, retail sales outlets, discount stores, restaurants, food preparation areas, sports arenas, stadiums, hospitals, airports, museums, schools and grocery stores.

Product sold in 5 gallon quantities!

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This calculator estimates the amount of densifier required (in gallons) for a given area.

FOR ESTIMATING PURPOSES ONLY. Variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site conditions, temperature and relative humidity will affect coverage rates. ALWAYS TEST representative areas to confirm suitability, accurate coverage rates and desired results.

Spec Sheets

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