Key Resin #502 Epoxy Primer


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KEY #502 is a 100% solids epoxy primer for concrete, wood, and masonry surfaces. Combining tolerance with damp surfaces and good wetting properties, KEY #502 is the ideal primer for almost every Key Resin Flooring/Coating System.

KEY #502 provides excellent filling and sealing properties needed under high-performance epoxy wall coatings on concrete and cinder block walls. The dampness tolerance of KEY #502 allows it to be applied to damp concrete after surface preparation. This includes use as a repair resin to fill cracks in concrete or as a bonding adhesive for bonding “old to old” or “new to old” concrete.

KEY #502 may also be used as an adhesive for bonding divider strips to the substrate. In addition, the low modulus of elasticity and stress relieving properties of KEY #502 makes it ideal for use as a binder resin for epoxy mortar patching and grouting applications.


  • Low modulus; stress relieving
  • Fast cure and cold cure formulations available
  • Dampness insensitive cure
  • Conforms to ASTM C-881 properties
  • Low viscosity-good wetting properties
  • Meets USGBC LEED criteria for IEQ 4.2 for low VOC
  • Low odor for use in occupied areas

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