Husqvarna Vari-Grind Soft (G620) 3PCS


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The Vari-Grind series is available in a number of bond hardness, for use on materials ranging from porous ceramic glues and soft and rain-damaged concrete to very hard concrete. These surface preparation tools are designed for use on Husqvarna’s PG model series. Segment shapes include hexagonal and round. With Redi Lock® you don’t need any equipment to change the diamond tools. Grit sizes from 20 to 100.

As part of the Silver category, the Vari-Grind series has been developed for professional use in all-round applications. Products from the Silver category provide high cutting speed and wear resistance in all grinding.

  • The Husqvarna G627S (100 Grit): single hexagonal segment diamond
  • The Husqvarna G625S (50 Grit) : single hexagonal segment diamond 
  • The Husqvarna G627D (100 Grit): double hexagonal segment diamond
  • The Husqvarna G625D (50 Grit): double hexagonal segment diamond
  • The Husqvarna G623S (20 Grit):  single hexagonal segment diamond

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs




Segment Type

Single Seg, Double Seg


20 Grit, 30 Grit, 50 Grit, 100 Grit

Spec Sheets

  • Color: Green
  • Bond Hardness: Soft