Husqvarna S 26 Dust Extractor 120V 1PH


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S 26 is a powerful single-phase HEPA dust extractor to match the grinding machines Husqvarna PG 280, PG 450 and early entry saw Soff-Cut 150. It also matches small scarifiers and shot blasters as well as handheld power tools. This professional dust extractor is suitable for building, grinding, plaster and concrete dust. Equipped with two tested and certified HEPA H13 filters. Features include Jet Pulse pre-filter cleaning, hour counter and vacuum meter for filter control. The non-marking wheels are puncture free and lock at the front. The Longopac® bag hose system ensures simple, dust-free bag changes.

Protect your employees from breathing unnecessary dangerous dust particles and use the Husqvarna S26 Single Phase 120 Volt Concrete Dust Extractor. By using HEPA filters in the extractor to clean up debris it prevents dust from staying in the air. The S26 can be used on any construction or restoration job site. Its lightweight body allows for easy movement to get in those tight corners that may have been forgotten, but still has a sturdy steel handle and welded frame.

Not only can it be used to for cleaning up big jobs, but it can be hooked up to electrical power tools to extract new excess dust and power-like concrete dust. This is considered to be the most dangerous to workers in the industry. This function can help keep your worker safe from potential lung health concerns.

There are many standard features and components that are available for eliminating the hazardous dust from your worksite. The dual motors, accessible Longopac that allows convenient safe handling into the sealed bags, wand, and floor tool make clean up a breeze.

Model Number: S26

Product Code: 200900059A

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Additional information

Weight 137 lbs
Dimensions 30.1 × 21.4 × 49.6 in

Scratch & Dent, New




Spec Sheets

* Extracts 258 Cubic Feet per Minute
* 3.4 Horsepower Engine
* HEPA Filter 18 square feet
* 120 Volts
* Weighs 137 pounds
* 19.6 amps
* Longopac 70′ long tube

Included Machine Components:
*16-foot 2″ hose
* Wand
* Floor Tool

Available Accessories:
* S26 Twin Hose Kit
* S26 Longopac, 4 pack
* S26 11 Gallon Plastic Bag, 25 Pack
* S26 2-Piece Steel Wand (2)
* S26 Floor Tool (2×14.5)
* S26 Rubber Blade Set
* S26 HEPA Filter, S-line
* S26 Conical Pre Filter
* S26 2 Hose Assembly (25″ long)

Data / Specs:

S26 Specifications

S26 Operating Instructions.pdf